Kaleido User Manual - Version 1.0


Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7+
  • Java JRE 1.6+ (for licensing runtime engine).


Java JRE installation is already embedded in Kaleido installer, but it works if internet connection is present, since the package is automatically downloaded from the Java website. If you happen to install Kaleido and you are not connected to internet, install first the package you’ve previously downloaded here:

Hardware Requirements

Kaleido Software is designed to produce touch / multitouch interface. For production environment a touch / multitouch display is a requirement. Multitouch capabilities are based on:

  • Windows 7+ Multitouch Layer
  • TUIO Protocol

If you intend to use TUIO a network connection is necessary, in order to receive TUIO messages.

We successfully tested Kaleido Editor / Player on: